Sunday, May 12, 2013


When I returned home last weekend I marveled this outside-the-box family, even the members I had never met before.  I caught myself thinking I am conventional, in comparison.  No.  Really... no.

I met extended family
Last week.                    
We walked through
The bird sanctuary
In the snow,
Had a close encounter
With a ruby-crowned kinglet,
The female version,
Minus the distinctive
Ruby crown.
My toes were frozen
By the end.
We are a motley crew.
I thought
I am the most conventional
Of the lot.
A ruby-crowned kinglet, perhaps,
In female disguise.
It seems I may have failed
I was a parish priest
But it was early
In the game.
Now I stand
With half a license
In mental health.
I have arrived late
In the game,
Whatever game it is.
It seems I barely know
I would not recognize it
If it hopped onto a branch
Six feet from my head
Like the ruby-crowned kinglet,
Without the ruby crown.
It seems I need
Yet another
Conventional guide
To birds.

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