Monday, May 20, 2013

The Beyond

Today was a funk day.  When I got in the car, the gas gauge said now, get gas now, or you will surely be sorry.  So I listened.  I was not late.  In retrospect, many positive things happened... conversations, mostly.  When I got home I opened the doors and windows... and heard the children playing out of the corner of my eye.  

After days of encouraging others
To look beyond themselves,
I was ambushed tonight
By the Beyond
It stood in my peripheral vision
Waited to pounce
Until I slightly turned my head.
The day did not begin well.
Mondays rarely do.
There was little magic.
Still the Beyond
Had tricks up its sleeve.
Sometimes it even wears a cloak
Of invisibility.
I cannot identify
Anything particular
Except now it is the end
Of the day
And with all the windows open,
I hear the children

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