Friday, May 10, 2013

Save the poetry

It matters what we read. It matters what we place before our eyes.  I do like what I am already doing.  It fits with my soul.  Today I got notice that the Holy Spirit is following me on Twitter.  This is so much better than  random job listings.  I also receive poetry in my inbox every morning.  I will keep poetry and God reminders in front of me.

I survey what arrives
Every morning.
It*s time
To clear out
The job listings,
Look at
What I am already doing,
Hold it up
To the light.
I cancelled the first listing
Then I read
Three of the daily poems.
I saw
The Holy Spirit now follows me
On Twitter.
I kept that one.
Everyone should keep reminders
Of God
In his inbox,
Reminders of God
In her inbox.
Now I make sure
To save
The poetry.

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