Tuesday, October 22, 2013


October is Clergy Appreciation Month.  For all my clergy colleagues:  may you know appreciation, and find those who notice your particular gifts and name them, even as you do the same for others. Some congregations have a gift for true appreciation of their clergy leaders, some do not.  I have served congregations of both sorts.  For my friends and colleagues serving congregations which lack this gift, may you seek out and find people who truly see you;  may you know places of affirmation.  May you know yourself loved, year round.

With coffee
Came the realization
I made the right decision
Years ago.
It took time
A lot of time
To come to terms
With it,
To sort of settle the
What ifs
If onlys
And realize
I feel appreciated here and now,
Realize that such appreciation
Is never all or nothing.
I am appreciated mostly,
And mostly
Is enough.

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