Thursday, October 3, 2013

My trainer says

Often people come to me and we have an amazing amount in common.  I often wonder how they found me. Then there are those who come to me and I am made aware of things I never knew before.  I think the back pain has been brewing for a couple weeks, but I had learned to ignore it.  Keep walking, the trainer says, Keep walking.  So I am.  So I do.   Sometimes these things happen.

I do not need vicarious back pain
To realize back spasms
I sit with my client
On the edge
Of her chair.
I awaken
Day two
With back pain.
I am the frozen shoulder girl.
I have a wonky brain.
It registers barometric shifts.
I do not need vicarious back pain.
There are other things
On the resume.
I offer a wealth of experience
From A to Z.
I have not chosen to list
In lower back pain.
My trainer says
Sometimes these things happen.
Keep walking.

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