Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keep walking

I know many folk who have back trouble.  I tend toward a wonky brain.  Until this week... that is.  Wonky brain (not a technical term, mind you) has now decided to add my lower back to the chorus.  Keep walking, my trainer says, Keep walking.  So I do. I walk between sessions.  I do the three of five exercises she showed me.  I will make sure I learn the other two tomorrow.  Meanwhile I keep walking.  This is not bad advice, in general.

Now that I*ve mostly mastered 
The art involved 
In living with a brain
Where seizures threaten
With every barometric shift,
My lower back
Demands more attention.
I find myself
On the floor
Curling this way
And that. 
I remember exactly
Three of the five back exercises
The trainer taught me
I will return tomorrow.
Whatever you do
She says
Keep walking.
Whatever you do,
Don*t sit for very long
At a stretch.
Whatever you do
Keep walking.

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