Saturday, October 12, 2013


Parents place different expectations on their children.  My parents did.  My beloved and I do.  Some expectations are frankly weird.  They have nothing to do with the particular children, but everything to do with the fears of the particular parent.  Our children learn from us.  We learn from our children.  It goes both ways.  I am still learning.  God grant me the ability to continue on this path.  God grant my daughter the same.

Less than forty years ago
I was in her place,
The last one to send
To college.
The expectation was
I would not attend college
An odd thing, now,
I think.
It was even odd
I want her to go
To a surprising unknown place,
Learn things in categories
Of her own.
I want her
To spread her wings
In blue and clouded skies:
Learn the updrafts
Learn the downdrafts.
The language of birds
Is mine.
She will speak
In her own categories,
Her own language,
As she always has.
She may even attend a school
Close to home.

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