Monday, October 21, 2013

Right questions

Sometimes the plans for the day are not the ones which need to be followed.  This morning I forgot to peruse the plan and ask: Is this really the best idea?  I suspect not, and I'm also not sure I would have known.  Even so, sometimes redemption arrives in the afternoon.

It seems I forgot
To ask the right questions
When I woke up this morning.
How do I want
To spend the day?
Who and what will be
The best company?
Perhaps the birds and squirrels,
The occasional fox,
As they mine the remains
Of the crab apples
Piled under the Tree of Life
In the backyard.
This afternoon I remember
Some of the right questions.
It is never too late,
It seems,
To retrieve the day
From ill-chosen morning questions.
There is redemption.

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