Friday, October 18, 2013

One returned

Today is the day we honor Luke the Physician.  I love the Gospel according to Luke.  This is year we read from Luke.  Sunday we heard about the healing of the ten lepers.  One returned to give thanks.  The other nine fulfilled the bare necessities.  There are many ways to turn this story.  I am grateful for the many ways.

Most times all we have to do
Is say a full
Thank you.
That*s two things.
Sometimes we say one
Without the other.
Sometimes the yes
Forgets the thank you.
Sometimes the thank you
Is offered
When the yes never registered.
And of course it is possible
To say
Yes thank you
Because we were Minnesota-raised
To always be polite.
We would not want someone else
To feel
Their effort went unnoticed.
I am sure
There are more possibilities.
There always are.
This is why we need
So many sermons
On the exact same stories.
This is why Jesus
Tells his stories
Again and again
And again.

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