Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thanks for the apples

We have lived in our house for almost sixteen years.  Never have I seen so much wildlife.  Why have I not realized, until now, that our crab apple is the tree of life for so many creatures?   The grapevine has taken off again.  It is haven for the birds and squirrels.  I wonder if everyone*s backyard offers the potential of being the Garden of Eden.  We have taken to leaving the gates open, not fixing the fence hole, so the boundaries are more permeable.  We never know who will visit.

Sunday night the daughter,
Coming up the front walk,
Nearly stepped on
A possum.
She stood still.
The possum
Ambled away.
Yesterday dawned
The morning
Brought a fox
To the backyard.
The crab apple has become
A Tree of Life,
A tree that offers food
For the world,
At least the outside world
Around us.
After his apple meal
The fox walked past the back door
Allowed us the full view of himself,
Black-stockinged legs,
All, it seems, by way of thanks
For the apples.
He left the garden.
I await his return.

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