Saturday, October 5, 2013

The specialist

There*s something about starting out Saturday morning, once every three months, with this doctor from Eritrea.  My natural skeptic is put in suspension, and I believe this man who says the same thing each time he enters the room.  I am completely disarmed.

I picture this doctor
Entering every examination room,
Saying the child*s name
At least eight times
In a row.
The name flows off his tongue
Like honey.
You are wonderful,
He says.
You are the best,
He says.
You are perfect,
He says.
My daughter brought a friend once
To her every three month appointment
With this doctor.
Her friend was also amazed
By this specialist
From Eritrea.
He gives lollipops to everyone,
Parents and children alike.
We know he tells each child
He or she
Is number one.
We know each parent
Each child
Believes him,
Just as we do.

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