Thursday, October 24, 2013


It is Common Application essay time.  Today my daughter and husband leave for a college trip.  I will keep the home fires burning... which means keeping the cat and turtle fed, and picking up the house for my brother and sister-in-law arriving at the exact same time on Sunday that my daughter and husband arrive home.  It will be quite the juxtaposition.  There.  Now I've used it three times.

I don*t believe
I have ever used the word
In a sentence.
Now I have,
But the above sentence
Really doesn*t count.
I wonder about the vocabulary
That flows
Like magic
From the mouths
Of my children.
They must have been exposed
To way more input
Than mine.
Of course they have.
They were both
On the launching pad
At birth
Each in his own way
Each in her own way.
The juxtaposition
Of home and world
Years and years ago.

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