Thursday, October 17, 2013

One yes

This is one of my If you give a mouse a cookie reflections.  We all have our addictions.  Saying yes to one thing, one time, does not mean we have to say yes to the seeming endless things which come after.  This seems a universal thing with friends and clients, and of course, me.  One time I went to a movie theater and, yes, saw two movies when I had only paid for one.  Both movies were ones I wanted to see.  Still, I was emotionally exhausted afterwards.  I should have stopped at one.

I offer one yes.
Many others wait in line
Behind it,
As if buying the ticket
To one movie
Means unlimited access
To them all;
As if one yes
Opens the floodgates
Of possibility
I will be stuck
In the theater,
Seeing movie after movie
Until the theater finally closes.
I will be left with my endless refill
Of popcorn
And soda pop.
One yes
Simply one yes.
I forget
I only have to see
The one movie,
Savor one box
Of popcorn,
Go home.

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