Sunday, October 27, 2013


Waiting for my brother and sister-in-law to arrive from their conference in Skokie, even as I wait for my husband and daughter to return home from D.C.  They will all converge on this house that smells like heaven.  Heaven right now smells like lentil mushroom barley soup with celery (and a few other things thrown in).  There's a chill in the air outside.  In here it is warm... and smells like heaven.

Soup bubbles
On the stove.
It waits for everyone
To arrive home
From distant states.
The house smells
Like heaven.
I particularly smell the celery
Right now,
But I know soon it will blend in
With all the other parts.
This is the way of soup.
Does heaven smell like
Lentil mushroom barley soup
With celery?
I think some days
It may.
As warmth diminishes
It seems important to remind ourselves
Of warmth
And even heaven

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