Thursday, October 10, 2013

Informed therapy

The workshops for therapists are legion.  Yoga or art or music.  Heck...I could spend years learning every therapeutic nuance.  It seems to me good therapy is informed by life well lived.  This morning I worked out. Now I watch the cat asleep in the sun.  Soon I will shower and go to work.

The announcements arrive
In the mail
Every day.
They offer training
In informed therapy.
The most recent announcement
Offered lessons
In yoga-informed therapy.
It seems everything
Is therapeutic
If we apply ourselves
To it.
This morning I watch
The cat in the sun.
He cleans between his back toes,
Then goes sound asleep
Upside down.
This morning I apply myself
To cat-informed therapy.
I wish I could clean between my toes
In the sun,
Go sound asleep
Upside down.
I might wake up

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