Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cat clock

I gave the cat clock to my beloved years ago now. Then we got a live cat the same shape as the clock.  We have only noticed the similarity recently.  There is no mouse pendulum, moving or unmoving, under the live cat.  He seems happy, either way.  On occasion we find a mouse left, like a present, on top of the dryer in the basement.  Like the mouse upstairs, it does not move.

We have a cat clock
On the dining room wall.
The mouse pendulum
Stopped moving,
Years ago now.
The hands
Still keep time.
The second hand sweeps
The cat*s body
Once a minute,
As it should.
The mouse
Underneath the cat
An unmoving part
Of the whole.
From time to time
We talk of reanimating
The mouse.
He seems safer
The way he is.

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