Friday, October 4, 2013


More backyard observations.  The grackles are in ascendance.  I miss the coyote.  Perhaps he ate all the crab apples.  Or perhaps something else finished them off.

The yard is filled with grackles
And the occasional squirrel.
They vie for the territory.
The grackles have
The edge.
Numbers count here.
Sixty massed grackles
Overtake one,
Even two,
One grackle claims victory
For the flock
From his post
At the top of the garage.
Or perhaps he is afraid
Of the squirrels.
It is hard to know,
Not being knowledgeable
In the language
Of grackles.
The coyote has been unseen
Since the crab apple incident.
I worry
He may never return.

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