Sunday, October 13, 2013

First Meal

This started as a reflection on Jesus' healing of the ten lepers, today's reading from Luke.  It is one of my favorite stories to preach on.  The reflection did not go there, though.  I am not preaching today.  But I am on the roster a few weeks hence.  So it's not a surprise I've been waking up with possibilities every morning. This morning I am captured by the Da Vinci painting of the Last Supper.  The disciples have made plenty of room for the rest of us at the Table, it seems to me.

I ponder preaching again.
The table in front of me
Is set
With possibility.
The company on all sides
Of the Table
Is good.
We eat
The Last Supper.
We eat
The First Meal ever.
There is always room
For one or two or three more.
Always room.
One side of the Table
Is completely free.
Y’all come.
There is  
Plenty to eat
At the Last Supper,
The First Meal.
The Table was set
At the beginning
Of everything there is,
Of everything there was,
Of everything
That is to come.

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