Saturday, November 9, 2013

After we have cleared away

I must be a trial and error sort.  I will not renew the LPC or the CADC.  They are not necessary to do what I am called to do.  I will still draw upon the knowledge and the resources I gained in acquiring them.  The burning bush is still beautiful when it is bare.  Birds come to roost.  The neighbor*s cat knows it is holy, even without its leaves.

After we have cleared away
The things we do not need
The horizon goes on
As if
Possibilities gain
Sharper definition,
Page after page
Of a coloring book.
Page after page
Of outlines,
They only require a medium
To be selected:
Color crayons
Sepia tones
Perhaps pen and ink
Maybe even broken bits
Of mosaic tile
To fill between the lines.
Possibilities gain
Sharper definition.
After all is cleared away
It seems we have been painting background
All along
And now
And now
We can see individual trees
In the forest
And now
And now
The birds are no longer hidden
By the leaves,
They sit on the branches
Of the burning bush
Which barely burned
This year.
And now
And now
Leaves gone
I see the neighbor*s cat
Sits underneath.

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