Saturday, November 16, 2013

I have a lot to say

I tend not to preach what people expect to hear from the pulpit. Probably no surprise there.  The other Classics major in college (I went to a small school) also wrote poetry.  When we caught up with each other after I had been serving in parish ministry for awhile, he asked  about my poetry.  Oh, I said, I'm writing weekly sermons now.  The poetry energy is going into my preaching.  He was disappointed in me.  We  lost touch with one another.  I think he is out East somewhere.  Joe... are you out there reading??

I have a lot to say.
It seems most of it
Is not preach-able
To a large crowd of people,
Even if that crowd is styled
A congregation.
I proved I could do it again.
It is part of my resume.
People mostly responded
With the obligatory
Nice sermon
You sing well
(yes, I sang during the sermon)
A couple heard
What I meant to say
Beyond the singing.
I have a lot to say.
Probably most of it
Is not preach-able
To a large crowd of people,
No matter what name
The crowd goes by.
I believe
With the UCC church
Down the block
God is still speaking.
Sometimes we hear Him
Sometimes we hear Her
In sermons.
Sometimes not.

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