Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I read stories of all the food that makes Thanksgiving for people.  The food is rich and varied.  The only thing it all has in common is it is special.

As families blend and morph
Into new versions
Of themselves,
More dishes will line the tables
At Thanksgiving.
A few years ago
I introduced pomegranate seeds
To a new crowd
Of unrelated people.
Since we were not in charge
Of the salad,
We served them as a garnish
For mashed sweet potatoes.
Years ago
My beloved*s introduction
To pomegranate seeds
When he met my family
For the first time.
In his struggle to figure out
How to eat it a seed
My brother noted
He had dropped one
On his sweater.
This is now part
Of Thanksgiving
Pomegranate stories.
Other families share stories
Of cranberry salads.
Our stories often feature
Pomegranate seeds.

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