Monday, November 4, 2013

Where to stand

Some experiences take awhile to absorb or even awhile to register.  I suspect this last weekend will be one of those experiences.  I am grateful for my four friends sharing coffee with me this morning, even if they are creatures of my imagination.

Looking out from the pulpit
I noticed Grace
And her companions,
Humility and Charity,
Two pews back.
Providence inhabited
The choir loft.
I continue not to know
About me,
Where I need to stand
Or sit
Or kneel.
I found myself
In so many places yesterday
I do not know
The proper place,
If there is even
One proper place
Except the blue chair
Where I sit and write
This morning,
Watch and listen to the cat
Sound asleep and snoring,
Hear my daughter*s footsteps
And Providence
Ring around
The dining table,
Still in their nightclothes,
Laugh about their
Old-fashioned names,
Toast me and one another
With coffee and tea.
From the blue chair
I raise my coffee cup.

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