Monday, November 11, 2013

When you told me you might have left

I live with the illusion that I am not easily fazed.  Except it seems I am.  Surprise.  Other people*s decisions affect me.  Surprise.  My decisions affect other people.  All the time.  The door swings both ways.

When you told me
You might have left
You didn*t,
I was surprised,
Even shocked,
At the depth
Of my sadness
Even though
You are still here
For now.
We are not even close friends.
The hinge that links
Our lives
Swings the door this way,
Then that.
Sometimes we don*t see each other
For days.
I was shocked,
Even surprised.
I know the time will come
When I awaken,
Open the front door
For the morning paper,
Find the for sale sign
On your lawn
Swinging in the wind
And me
Shocked and surprised
Even then.

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