Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thank you, Kelly Flanagan, for your blog post this morning .  Yes.  

I have long had the skill to help people quit things.  I have also never figured out how to list it on a resume.  It tends not to be something employers are looking for.

I have become
The go-to teacher
For lessons
In saying no.
This shocks
The very blood
Coursing through my veins.
Minnesota blood.
I stand in parking lots.
People approach me,
On the sly
Almost as if I am
A drug dealer.
They say
So-and-so told me
You can help me
Quit this thing
I no longer want to do.
I stand next to parked cars,
In darkened hallways.
You have a choice
I say
You have options.
It is entirely possible
To say No
And move on
To the next thing.
It is then my blood runs cold.
Minnesota blood.
The girl from the Upper Midwest
I deal out noes
Like candy.

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