Friday, November 8, 2013

Autumnal reflection

As I drop letters after my name, I feel strangely lighter.  My beloved and I joke about what it will look and sound like when only a breath mark remains.  I don't know what other couples talk about over breakfast, but this is one of our conversations.

As leaves fall,
Chill arrives,
It seems right
I continue the process
Of subtraction:
After my name,
Recently acquired certifications,
Are the first to go.
The degrees were earned
And paid for,
They can stay
For now.
Soon enough
They too will go.
I imagine one autumn
My family name will dissolve
Letter by letter
Until only the name
God recognizes
Will remain.
Until finally
Even those letters will disappear
I am named
As breath in…
Breath out…
Then words
Will have done their duty.

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