Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some Pig

When my friend, Rhonda Baker, posted a picture on Facebook of the spider she fed all summer, with her three egg sacs, all of Charlotte's Web came back to me.  Yes, Rhonda's spider was like Charlotte.  She had a singular spider focus.  And, apparently, adored stink bugs.

My friend nurtured a spider
All summer,
Even fed her
Stink bugs.
She says the spider
Was like Charlotte.
The stink bugs
Gave her the energy,
The wherewithal,
To produce
Three egg sacs,
A triple magnum opus,
Before she died.
Maybe this is what
A spider can do
When she has a singular focus
In life.
Maybe this spider*s life
Included the summer life,
In part,
Of my friend
Collecting stink bugs.
Maybe this says as much
About friendship
Continuing on
As a children*s story
About Some Pig
Saved by
Some Spider.
Magna opera

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