Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving requirements

There are requirements for Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey... yes of course, though I understand there are many households which do not celebrate with turkey or cranberries in any form.  My daughter is vegetarian so we'll figure something with seitan for her.  Thanksgiving requires that there is something good for everyone, often involving memories of past Thanksgivings.  Usually it involves food... and lots of it.  My son will stay in Minnesota and celebrate up there.  He is also a fan of canned cranberry sauce with the ridges left in place.

We have figured the food
For Thursday. 
My beloved requires
Sweet potatoes mashed with orange juice.
I require pomegranate seeds and grapefruit
In the green salad.
Our daughter requires
Canned cranberry sauce
With the marks of the can
Left intact.
She also requires
That we eat at home this year.
Last year the refrigerator
Was in the living room.
We had no kitchen
To speak of
We speak of it often.
A year*s time brings with it
A lot of change.
Some things are required
To stay the same.

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