Sunday, November 3, 2013

Extra hour

Maybe my brain will catch up eventually.  It*s not simply a change in barometric pressure that does it. Sometimes it*s something as simple as going off of daylight savings time.  I*ll have to gradually re-calibrate meals and bedtime.  Maybe by the time the winter solstice arrives, and the light begins coming back, my brain will arrive with it.

The extra hour of light
This morning
Translated to darkness at 5 PM.
It all gets refigured
On the other end
I sit in the dark,
Realize I am counting
This time I count an extra hour of daylight
In the morning
But still
It feels like darkness fell
More than an hour earlier
I think the world spun faster.
I swear the world spun faster.
It left daylight
In the dust.

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