Wednesday, November 20, 2013


It seems in dreams we can get anything anywhere.  Even the last panther at the hardware store.  We bought him on a whim.  It was not a planned buy.  I kinda like him representing rebirth.  He was hard to control, certainly, but not ominous whatsoever.

From the Online Dream Dictionary:
To see a panther in your dream signifies lurking danger and enemies working to do you harm. It represents darkness, death, and rebirth. On a more positive note, panthers signify power, beauty and/or grace. Consider the feel of your dream to determine which meaning applies.      

I dreamed we bought a panther
At the hardware store.
He was the only panther left.
On Special.
It was hard to get him
In the cart,
It was hard
To get him through the checkout line,
It was hard
To fit him in the car,
But somehow we did.
I dreamed a panther,
A Sleek
He was on sale,
The very last one,
In the hardware store.
Now he is ours,
Except it seems,
Like all wild creatures,
He will never be
Completely ours.
No matter how much
We paid.

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