Thursday, November 7, 2013


Wow.  I left parish ministry in 2007.  It took quite awhile to figure out what priesthood might now look like in the human container that is me.  I gave up things.  I took on new things.  Now I know I can still preach. Still... it seems I am to speak in other ways... more.

So rarely are things
Resolved so quickly.
I preached on Sunday,
Four services
In a row.
So rarely
Are things
Resolved so quickly.

I preached
What felt right
To preach.
I even sang a little.
So rarely are things
So quickly.

I got the range of responses
I remember
From before.
So rarely
Does resolution come
So quickly.

I know I can do it.
I know the words will come.
I know I can preach
In my street clothes
In my church clothes
Follow the gospel procession
Back to the pulpit
From the pew.
It is rarely
This quick
Or simple.

But now I know
This is most probably
Not the place
I need to stand
And speak.
Does it come this easy.

I have prepared my whole life
For exactly
This place.

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