Friday, November 22, 2013


This will be my twenty-ninth diocesan convention as a priest.  I find myself grateful for a number of things: the convention has been in this location for the last four years (at least). I know where things are, so I don't need to spend energy on things like finding the bathroom.  Instead I can spend energy connecting with people new and old, just for the sake of connecting.  I am not running for any office.  I am not volunteering for anything. I may wear a collar, then again, maybe not.  I can be present, free and clear.  So I will.

This morning I thank God
For breakfast on my own,
For no small and smaller conversation
With ten people
In a restaurant,
People I enjoy at 2:30 in the afternoon
But 8:00 AM?
Almost everyone pales
At 8:00 AM.
Especially me.

This morning I thank God
For familiar spaces.
I know already
Where I will register
Where we will meet
Where the bathrooms are.
There is comfort
In familiar spaces.
I will not have to reorganize
The synapses
Of my brain
To find my way around.
I will not need the equivalent
Of a therapy dog,
Though a dog is always
A nice option.

This morning I thank God
For the choices I am blessed
To be able
To make
And the choices
I no longer need to make.

I thank God this morning
For the people I will meet,
The nametags we all
Will wear.
I can spend the synapses
Of my brain
On more important things:
Being present one to one
Then again
Being present
One to one.

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