Friday, November 29, 2013


It seems the cranberries I tried to make into sauce, sweetened with orange juice, refused to be budged into sweetness.  Of course it may have helped if I'd used sweetened orange juice, or tasted the o.j. ahead of time. I assumed Whole Foods orange juice would be sweet.  The sauce may not be worth saving.  Some such things need to be let go... with grace.  Our ash tree?  Not so much.

This is the morning after,
The morning after the turkey,
After the cranberry sauce so sour
The leftover sauce
Will have to be doctored
For sweetness,
Perhaps baked into muffins.
The rest of the family
Still sleeps sound
In the light
Of late morning.
Pale blue sky
Highlights bare trees.
The lone backyard squirrel
Fluffs his tail
Runs up and down the ash tree.
The tree still survives
The borer:
Emerald green
From China.
We doctored the tree
For life
Last year.
It is still alive for us,
For the squirrel.
We may have to call it quits
On the cranberry sauce.

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