Saturday, November 2, 2013


Tomorrow I preach for All Saints, officially transferred to this Sunday.  Four services.  One time the sermon will be translated into Spanish.  I have never done that dance before.  Unlike my times as a solo pastor, during which I most often preached every week, it has been a long time now since I have put together a sermon.  There is a rhythm to sermons.  The first sermon I ever gave was during field education in 1981.  It was on All Saints.  Today, as so many times before, I put the sermon together on a Saturday morning, this time after weeks of thoughts and possibilities.  There is a rhythm to such things, as there is a rhythm to all things.

There is a rhythm
To sermons:
The preparation
The giving.
There is a rhythm
Not unlike the poem
But still
Not exactly the same.
There is a rhythm
To everything we do
Whatever we do
Wherever we are.
There is a rhythm
To all that we do
And say,
Dare I say it,
A heartbeat
Underneath it all.
The glorious company
Of saints
Living and dead
Stand with us
And sway
In time.

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