Sunday, October 21, 2012


This is what I woke up with this morning.  The woman who asked Jesus to heal her daughter, only to be called a dog by him, comes to mind.  She had the presence of mind to tell Jesus that even the dogs got the crumbs under the table.  Little did she know that under that table was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for her and her daughter, and beyond.  Well beyond.

I dreamed I was in charge
Of the meal.
For dessert
I cut the sheet cake,
Chocolate with chocolate frosting,
Just enough pieces
For everyone present.
When it came my turn
For cake,
There was a sliver left,
Only crumbs.
It was a puzzle.
I was sure I had counted
Exactly right.
Then I saw
Two full pieces
On the floor
Under the table.
Chocolate with chocolate frosting.
Enough for me
And someone I have yet
To meet.

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