Thursday, October 4, 2012

Under construction

The new dry-wall guys showed up at home this morning.  These are not the ones who broke the pipe upstairs which led to kitchen renovation downstairs.  I am glad.  When I went to my consultant appointment this morning, I found the office... under construction.  I understand his new office will be down the hall.  Now I am sitting in the one space in my life I can pretend is not under construction.  As I do the children are running by my door, back and forth, back and forth.  Soon they will sing Jesus Loves Me, This I Know... as they do every day before lunch.

The world
Is under construction.
How could I miss this
Is in flux.
It always has been.
The ground moves
Under my feet.
Even the person who was once
My therapist
Then supervisor
Now consultant
Lives in an office space
Under construction.
My home
Is under construction.
Yesterday God sent Jesus
To sit in my office
To show me
He is still here
She is still here
While everything continues
Under construction.
I know it was Jesus yesterday,
Though I don*t think
He had a clue
About his identity.
The world
Is under construction.
Sometimes Jesus
Shows his face.


  1. It's a good thing Jesus shows up now and's even better when we have clue that Jesus might be around right now. How's your office?

    1. The office, thanks in large part to your wonderful decorating abilities, is my sanctuary, and a sanctuary for others as well (clients, as well as various staff folk who need a private space). I know Jesus is always here... but sometimes I need him sitting on the sofa across from me.