Saturday, October 27, 2012

Unplanned things

Yesterday was an unplanned day.  Such days can be dangerous.  I find myself paying attention to things that have been niggling at the edges.  I came, I saw, I felt.  I made two or three decisions that I hadn*t realized I needed to make.  Today is different, yet of course it is connected with yesterday.  Today I have more planned things to do. 

Yesterday was filled
With unplanned things.
I figured I would see
How it went.
I would note
Unplanned surprises.
I would do what seemed
Find out what it felt like
I came
I saw
I felt.
Today is awash in sunshine,
Autumn chill,
A tinge of sadness
Yet still
There is purpose.
Today offers more
Of a plan:
Pumpkins placed in the planters
For Halloween;
Library books returned;
Final pieces installed
In the upstairs bath.
More of a plan today,
Yet still residual sadness
From yesterday.
I come
I see
I feel.
Today is different.
I am the same.

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