Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wealth of peers

This is a week of change.  Big change.  I say goodbye to some things, and hello to others.  Come to think of it, it*s not unlike  a lot of weeks recently... only some are more noticeable.  I had a client who asked me when her purpose in life would be completely clear.  We had a wonderful conversation about one thing at a time.  I did not tell her about this being a big change week for me.  I did tell her that for me, I only seem to figure out one step at a time.  This week I am aware that I seek a wealth of peers.

I seek a wealth
Of peers.
I am not interested
In being the expert;
Not interested
In being seen
Through the eyes of someone
Who considers
How I might be fixed.
I am looking for,
I seek,
Indeed I long for,
A wealth of peers:
To converse
Over a cup of coffee;
Trade metaphors
Back and forth;
Encourage me
As I encourage them;
Drive me when I need a ride, and in return,
Allow me to accompany them
At the end
Of a particularly hard day.

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