Friday, October 5, 2012


I forgot about the library.  I dare not check out books with such disorder at home, but the library space is amazing in its order and simplicity, not to mention the view out the window.  It is balm.  I have even discovered the Vish Puri murder mystery series.  They will transport me... to India.

Once again I find
The library.
The voices are low
And pleasant.
There is no background music.
I sit and face
A bank of windows
Floor to ceiling,
Look out on golden trees
Against a pearl gray sky.
I imagine the kitchen painted
In fall colors.
Here is
More order
Than I have encountered
In days.
Here is big space
In big order.
Soft voices.
Library low and pleasant
Leaves gold yellow,
Pearl gray sky
Through wide-paned windows
Floor to ceiling.

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