Monday, October 8, 2012


Things happen.  Cars don*t work so good.  Pipes break.  Five-year-olds are good at naming things as they are, and finding excitement in most anything.  

Years ago we had a car.
My son
Aged 5
Said: It doesn*t work so good.
That was before grammar
Became so all-fired
Not so good
Not so well
Either one
Said it all.
The car had a habit
Of over-heating
On the freeway.
When we took a long trip,
We could never drive
Straight through.
Years ago
Our car required
Side tours to sights
We would never have seen
Were it not
For that car
Overheating in Ohio.
Were it not for that car
We would never have stood
On the side of the freeway
With a five year old saying
Every time a car sped by.
The five year old would never have had
The supremely exciting ride
In the pick-up truck.
Without that car,
Would probably never
Have been
On the itinerary.

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