Saturday, October 13, 2012

On reading Anne Sexton*s Welcome Morning

When I opened my daily email from Inside/Outside, I read the words by Anne Sexton, full morning exuberant words, also full knowing she committed suicide.  Both are real full knowings.  Often we are called upon to hold two seemingly opposite things, one in each hand, realizing both are true.  I wonder what we write on the palms of our hands, what we use as reminders.

This morning brings a poem
On the wonderfulness
Of everything:
Sheer joy and laughter
As the morning begins
The cup and plate,
The chapel of eggs.
This is a poem
I could read every morning
As a reminder.
It is amazing
In its simplicity.
The world,
Each piece of the world,
Addresses the author
By name.
This is a poem of wonder
And awe
Of the moment.
I might read it every morning,
I could write it on the palm
Of my hand:
A reminder

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