Thursday, October 11, 2012


This is indeed a week of discovery.  I have spent quite a while adapting to blurry vision.  All the eye specialists were puzzled.  The retina guy knew it was my optic nerve.  The optic nerve guy knew it was my retina.  It gets worse in bright light, when I am overheated, or under stress.  It seems I was not naming it correctly.  It seems double vision is corrected these days with prisms.  Wild.  I am now waiting for my new glasses.  Will they be perfect?  Most likely not.  But I will take and celebrate improvement.  Like Columbus, I find myself on new shores.  

This is a week of discovery.
What I named as blurry vision
Is really two of the same image,
Up and to the right.
My retinas and optic nerves
Test clear.
My brain is
What it is.
This week
I found a holistic
He discovered
My blur is double vision,
My left eye sees
Way up and slightly
To the right.
When I practice seeing
With one eye
Or the other,
There is no blur.
I have new glasses on order
With prisms.
New discoveries are made
All the time.
I feel like Christopher Columbus.
He thought he had reached India,
Only to discover
It was someplace
Entirely new.

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