Sunday, October 7, 2012

Season of returnings

This weekend I returned to a parish I left ten years ago.  It had been a tough assignment, for them, I suspect,  as much as for me.  Of course a lot has happened in ten years.  Of course a lot has not changed at all.  The tough part is understanding which are the meaningful bits, and what is chaff.  I admit I was not looking forward to going.  I admit I am glad I went.

On occasion
It is good to return
To the scene,
To see if what I remember
Still is.
Even to wonder if
It ever was
As I remember.
It is good
To return to the scene,
See people from the outside
Rather than from the inside
I am in the season
Of returnings.
I return to the scene,
Notice what has changed,
What has not changed
At all.

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