Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The new glasses are in!  I pick them up this morning.  I had never heard of prisms in glasses before.  And no, it is not something new-fangled.  Just one more thing no one had ever considered I might need before.  It keeps the head spinning.  I often tell couples or even individuals I counsel the story of the woman who threw a party.   A guest brought an alligator to the party, on a leash.  The guest left the alligator behind the sofa when he departed.  The hostess, not quite knowing what to do, wrestled the alligator into the bathtub, and went to bed.  She went to work the next day.  When she returned home, there was a note from the cleaning lady saying:  

Dear Mrs. Murphy,  
I quit.  
I have made it a firm policy never to work for people who keep alligators.  I would have told you this before, but somehow the subject never came up.

It seems there are always alligators.  

Somehow there are always new subjects.  

My experience with prisms
Has been limited.
Up until today
They were pieces of cut glass;
They caught the light
Made rainbows on the wall
When the sun shone through
Just right.
Today my new glasses await
With prisms
To help me focus.
Will there be rainbows?
Or will I only see rainbows
When the light shines through
Just right?

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  1. Good luck with the new glasses. Yes, new things come up. I have yellow lenses. Shouldn't make a difference, but they do. That's a problem with issues of the brain, it is all in our heads :)