Friday, October 19, 2012


Now I counsel people for a living.  Of course, as I counsel people, they in turn, offer so much to my own perception of things.  Often I find layers of things I have covered over, as well as the layers with which I cover things.  Iona is a holy place with layers upon layers.  In retrospect it is not a surprise that on Iona I realized there is more to be done.

On Iona I discovered
There is more to be done,
Always more
To be done.
This is hardly new information,
Yet it is somehow
Still new.
There are
Still more layers
To be discovered,
The layers have always
Been there
I am clever
We are clever
We are all more than capable
Of creating
New things to do,
New things to keep us busy
Cover the old with monuments
Even stone basilicas
Pretend there is nothing
Or pretend perhaps
The underneath
Doesn*t matter.

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