Friday, October 12, 2012

Day off

Ah, the danger of taking a day off and considering the pieces.  When I opened my email, an unlikely long ago friend requested to have lunch with me.  In truth it may be a piece of my mosaic, but potentially way more than that.  I have been wondering about the theme of my life after leaving parish ministry.  It is like I have been set free to consider priesthood on the edges, and I have no idea what it will contain.  I do have some of the pieces, but it is also clear I am not done yet.  Of course the house is still undone.  Everything, it seems, is a metaphor.

Today was set aside;
A day to consider the pieces
I have been given,
Consider how they might fit
In the picture.
A message from a friend
Tells me
The box of pieces acquired
So far
Is partial
At best.
It tells me
I am not done yet
By a long shot.
It tells me
When I left what I was doing
The world expanded
Or perhaps
I was suddenly aware
It is way more
Than I had imagined.
A message from a friend
Brings me back to the time
When I was four,
Saw the clouds move
And knew,
Simply knew
There is a God.
Now I know
I am not done
By a long shot.
The clouds are up there
What I have been given
Is partial at best
I will never be done.

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