Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Iona eyes

In the midst of home chaos, I find myself acclimating to the home renovation.  Returning from Iona to Illinois was a bit of a shock.  Still, I knew what I was returning home to.  And a little about what I was returning home with.  I am still thinking about the women from Fort Worth, struggling with re-ordering their diocese.  I am clearly not done yet, with prayer, with figuring where I fit in the re-ordering of the whole.  I did think I was done. I now know I am not.

Two weeks returned
From Iona,
I think I am getting
My bearings back
Of course nothing
Is ever final.
The trick is to keep
Iona eyes
In Illinois,
Just as Illinois
Arrived with me
On Iona.
Just as I found Fort Worth
Staying in the same hotel.
Cooler weather
Is upon us now.
The trees have noticed
In full color.
I watch them change
With Iona eyes.

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