Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This is for a friend turning thirty in a month.  She has accomplished so many things in her twenties, and wants to know what she can accomplish in the remaining month of her twenties.  Hi Callie!

This is really for all of us, no matter where we are.  Here we are.  There is a lot to Here.  It is the only Here and Now we have.  Tomorrow it will be a different Here and Now.  Consider the possibilities.  Now un-consider them. 

Consider the possibilities before you,
Un-consider them.
Weigh the possibilities in your hands:
Which is heaviest?
Which is lightest?
Let them dribble through your fingers
Until your hands
Are completely empty.
Rub your hands together
Until not even
A speck of dust remains.
Wash your hands.
Feel the slipperiness
of the soap,
The warm water streaming
Through your fingers.
Find a fluffy towel,
Dry between each finger.
Clean your nails
Don*t forget to clean
Your nails.

Completely un-consider
Your possibilities.
Let them sift through your fingers,
Sweep them out the door.

Begin again

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