Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A dawn breaks

I figured I would sit in my office today and do paperwork.  I made good arrangements to refer a client.  I spent time feeling a lack of colleagues who practiced mental health, addiction counseling, and saw things through a spiritual lens.  Then dawn broke.  And broke again.  I believe the next thing on the horizon is putting together such a colleague group.  There is even a parlor next to my office.  Interested?  Let me know.

A dawn breaks
As I sit in my office,
No clients around,
An empty parlor
Next door.
Sometimes a dawn
In silence,
In the middle
Of the afternoon,
An empty parlor
Next door.
A dawn shows itself,
Its colors
Break clear as new light,
No matter the time
Of day;
No matter
The cycle of the sun;
No matter the clouds;
No matter even
When it*s time
For supper,
Then bed.
Sometimes a dawn arrives,
Hoped for
Of course
But still

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