Friday, November 16, 2012

Wake-up calls

I woke up this morning by myself.  Wake-up calls come in many forms.  I believe God tailors them to fit each one of us... particularly.  I figure part of my most recent wake-up call has been in the seizures... three of them, placed nine months apart.  This time around I think I*ve gotten more attentive.  I am hopeful not to be dropped to the floor again so as to get my attention.  It does seems that some of us need more than one wake-up call. 

They come
In many forms.
They seem sized
To fit
The potential one
Some of us
Need several calls
We answer the phone;
We get the message;
Even before
We decide
To sit on the side of the bed,
Place our feet on the floor
Get dressed for the day
Eat breakfast;
Wait to see
What comes
In the light of day.

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