Sunday, November 11, 2012

Door week

I christen this: Door Week.  We had an absence of contractors recently while we waited for everything we ordered to arrive.  Things are wearing thin on the humans in this space.  The cat and turtle, on the other hand, seem fine.

Of all of us
The cat seems best
At making every space
His own.
Of course the turtle
May have him beat.
His glass tank has not changed
With the renovation.
The construction guys
Return tomorrow.
This week
 Is door week.
This week (perhaps)(we*ll see)
They replace all the doors
On the back of the house,
The front door,
And even
Our shower door.
It has been leaned against
The dining room table
For three weeks.
We ordered it special
With rain glass.
Still the turtle
And the cat
Close behind,
They weather this
Like troopers.

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